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The D&D, Potter and Metal Wedding!

Amber and Eric are full of surprises. I first met them on Saturday as they prepared for their nuptials. Amber was sitting calmly but a little nervously in a fog of hairspray as the stylist put her finishing touches. Eric was wondering around making sure everything was done just the way he and Amber had imagined. Harry Potter books as center pieces, and actual book pages made up their bouquets, and a dice game for kisses at the reception were all there and displayed perfectly. The ceremony was cute and funny. The officiant shared stories of the two of them and explained how Eric had a long list of reasons he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Amber. After witnessing their celebration and their relatively quiet demeanor all day, one could be forgiven for being surprised at the dance, when the DJ started playing the personal requests of the bride and groom. Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson, and every other metal band from the last 20 years played to a full dance floor of friends and family jumping around and head banging. The end of the night was signaled with another request of the bride and groom: “Let the Bodies Hit the Floor!”

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