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They say opposites attract. Well that might be the case, but Emily and Brian would not be the relationship to prove any such thing. If they were anymore alike it would be unsettling. Good thing for the rest of us, they are simply perfect together. They laughed all day together, enjoyed their friends and family all day together, and they loved all day together. It was our extreme pleasure to photograph this amazing couple on their wedding day, and we all wish you long and happy lives together.

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The word that best describes Breanna and Tayler's wedding, is intimate. They had a small, quiet ceremony in the shadow of the Bridgewood Hotel in Neenah. The guest list was short limiting the witnesses to this happy occasion to just their closest family and friends. The wedding party was small, allowing only their best friends to take part. You might think that a reception with so few people might die out early in the night, but you would be wrong. They danced and sang until the end of the night. It was a wonderful day. I hope you all enjoy the pictures. And may Breanna and Tayler have a long, happy life together.


Ryan Murphy

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Don't sweat the small stuff. I think that perfectly exemplifies the characters of of Jennie and Dennis on their wedding day. We had all kinds of plans about photos on the lake, photos on a boat, and photos by the lighthouse. Mother Nature struck again and literally rained on our parade, but that did not seem to phase Jennie and Dennis one bit. I don't know if I have ever worked with a happier bride and groom. Congratulations to you both.

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