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Picture This Philosophy


     Pictures are our gateway into the past. They spur our memories of the people and the places that are dear to us, and when you hire a photographer you entrust them to frame your pictures in a way that accurately reflects your lives at these very important milestones. Whether you are getting married, having a baby, or arranging to get photos taken for your soon to be graduate, give us a call. We provide friendly, fun service; the utmost professionalism; and high quality photographs.

     At Picture This we take this trust seriously and we work with all of our clients to find locations, activities, and sometimes props that years later will bring you back to that moment in time. I don’t mean our photoshoot, although I hope you will have fond memories of our time together. I mean the memories you share with those people, in those places, doing those activities. You should be able to picture your life, and picture your love.  We’ll help you get those pictures: those moments in time. It’s why our tagline is Picture Life … Picture Love … Picture This.

About Me


My love of photography began as a child when my Grandmother gave me her old Kodak camera with the cube-shaped flash on top. I still have the old photo album with pictures from trips to the zoo, vacations in the mountains of Colorado and family events. Through the years my interest in photography ebbed and flowed until my college years, when I took photography courses. I graduated college with a Bachelor of Arts degree and went to work writing for a local newspaper. After the newspaper, I worked as a photography assistant before discovering wedding photography.
It was at Picture This Photography, that I really fell in love with photography again. For the next 10 years I photographed weddings, portrait sessions, and the occasional event for Picture This. I honed my skills in taking pictures, working in Photoshop, and designing albums and other materials. Then in mid-2018 I took the next step in my photography career and took over Picture This Photography LLC as my own business. It’s been a fun and exciting trip so far. I’d love for you to join me.


Ryan P. Murphy

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