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Shelby and Jacob got Hitched

I arrived at the large farmhouse outside of New London to find Shelby and her family bustling around the house getting all their last minute preparations done. Afterall, once the actual wedding was done, this was the site of the party to follow. Well not the house exactly, but the large tent set up out back. Shelby got in her dress with the help of her mother and then was the moment of the big reveal with her father. It was obvious from that point on it was going to be an emotional day. The happiness at the house carried over to the church where there was a quiet, simple ceremony, and then on to a local park for some photos. We started the party off with a food truck dinner and then the dancing began. For those who were to shy to grace the dancefloor there was a bonfire, free books, and a some yard games including one I had never heard of before called Kubb. I couldn't explain it if you asked but it's Viking, so it must be cool. Congratulations Shelby and Jacob!

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