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She Said She Didn't Smile

The morning began as they opened the door to the bustling suite with light pouring in through the 2-story windows. The stylist was just finishing up with Miranda’s

hair. I told the bride she didn’t look nervous at all, and she agreed. She did however explain that she was worried about how she would smile in all the pictures: she said she doesn’t smile well in pictures. And then she saw his face …

I can’t imagine I’ve ever attended a more joyful marriage. There was so much laughter all day, and our bride that wasn’t good at smiling, was nothing but smiles. In fact, she couldn’t stop smiling when we attempted our “Victorian Pose.” Speaking of laughter, Christian, I am sure that donning that dress for our happy couple’s amusement has gone a long way in making up for that snafu with the rings. 😉

In all seriousness, while Miranda and Jeremy may look back and say April 1, 2023 was the happiest day of their life, I have no doubt this is just the beginning of their happiness together.

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