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On Saturday, I Married My Best Friend!

I had a tough time coming up with what I was going to write here today. I considered writing this in the 3rd person so it looked like other blog posts I have made, but this is nothing like other blog posts, and I'm not Muhammad Ali or Elmo. The only thing that seemed to make sense is to write this to you, my love: Emma Louise Murphy. (Not to be confused with the other Emma L. Murphy) Emma,

For almost a year it seemed like the day would never come. And then a week ago it became real, and I was so excited and a little frightened. I couldn't imagine how we were going to pull all of this together, it suddenly seemed like an impossible feat. We somehow pulled it off despite the nerves, despite the rain, and despite the police tape. In less than a year, we were engaged, bought a cute little house, adopted 3 pets (and sadly lost one), and planned the most wonderful wedding I could have imagined. I know you would have been happy with a courthouse wedding, but nothing will ever compare to the sight of you walking toward me; escorted by your father Michael; holding your red envelope; wearing the most stunning dress I have ever seen. All my fears, and my nerves vanished in that moment. Nothing ever felt as comfortable to me as taking your hand, putting a ring on your finger and promising to love you until the end of time. I hope I live up to all your expectations in the same way our wedding day lived up to all of ours. Love Always,

Ryan P.S. Thank you to all of our friends and family. We could never have done this without all of you. Not only for those who physically helped on the day of the wedding, but for all the love and support through the years.

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